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Let designer’s try
without Access to Font Files

Any graphic designer will tell you that they need to try different fonts to see which one is a good fit for their project. That’s why we created Font Ninja to help bridge the gap between them and you.

Users can activate any font they want. Our proprietary software blocks access to the source files, even when exporting a PDF or packaging a file. If the design is approved, they will need to buy the corresponding font license to bring the project to life.

Improve your

Coming soon

There are thousands upon thousands of fonts in the world today. Finding the right one is like finding a needle in a haystack. We going to fix that.

Our app “automagically” generates weekly font playlists and suggests new, hot pairings based on each user’s tastes. This will keep it fresh every time the user logs on and no two users will have the same experience.

Who’s Using Your Fonts?
Find Out.

Type designers spend so much time designing and refining characters, but most of the time don’t know how they are used or where.

With our Fonts DNA algorithm, we are able to send you reports of websites using your fonts (we analyze more than 10k websites per day). We use our proprietary Fonts DNA algorithm to locate and identify your fonts across the web.

Our app analyzes over ten thousand websites a day to generate a report alerting you to which sites are using your fonts.

Make smarter decisions
with market insights

With our analysis of key markets, we arm you with the insights to promote your fonts optimally and efficiently.

Because our app increases the discoverability of your fonts, you can target specific markets with fonts that will stand out from your competitors.