your font skills

Speed up your design process. Fonts Ninja identifies fonts on websites and let you try them legally in your favorite design software.

Fonts Ninja application

Fonts Ninja

Search for any fonts

With more than 3000 fonts, we probably have the font you’re looking for. Search and try it!

Activate a font to try it

Activate any font right away and try it without any time limitation.

Get the font files

Whenever your client validate your design, send him the link to buy the font and get the font files.
If you have any question regarding licensing options, you can contact the foundry.

Free browser extension

browser extension

Discover fonts on any websites

Turn on the extension on any website to discover which fonts and style were used.

Inspect fonts

Rollover any texts to discover which fonts were used, their size, letter spacing, line height, and color.

Try fonts on your computer

Our browser extension links to Fonts Ninja application. Activate a font and try it in any of your applications, in just one click.